Monday, January 7, 2013

Internet Bashing

One of the things that I find untolerable when is people feel the need to put someone on blast on a public site (aka facebook, myspace) is there anything more unclassy then someone bringing all their "online" friends into their issues... Its pure childish behavior... Not only do you look like an idiot but you make them look like one too. Save your own personal feelings, drama, emotions and BS for some place else... Its called cyber bullying and its not ok.
So many kids in this world kill them selves because of these people. It is almost always the same type of person who is doing the bullying, the person with no self respect, confidence, class and no happiness. These people feel the need to put others down for fun and to get a rise out of them or to make people feel like crap.
If you wonder as to why this world is evil and cruel its because of the things we let others get away with. Not everyone is a bad person and some people do care about others. If you dont ever trust people and let them in whole heartily and move forward with honesty, dignity and respect, you will never get anywhere in life. I am so blessed with a wonderful family, husband and child and I am scared to see what the world will do to destroy my daughter when she is growing up and going through school. Hopefully if one person sees this and reads it and decides to make a change the rest of the world can too.

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